Shown below is the list of accepted teams for the Fall 2018 Athena/Classic/Rias tournament for the age group.
15U Classic III Central 11 - Accepted Teams
Group Club/Team Name Team ID  Head Coach
 A1 Brookhaven FC Select
BFC - '04B Gold - CL III Central
0Y302-03CB5U-0032   Reed Norton
 A2 Concorde Fire S.C.
Concorde Fire U15 Central Black - CL III Central
0Y109-01XB5U-7864   Mahmoud Barzegar
 A3 Cherokee Impact Select
Impact SC 04B Premier - CL III Central
0Y145-02CB5U-0003   Ian Gonzales
 A4 MAYS NW Cobb
MAYS Striker 04B Blue - CL III Central
0Y152-01CB5U-4635   Jen Plante
 A5 NASA TopHat
NTH NASA 04 Select - CL III Central
0Y198-05CB5U-9871   Jimmy Priest
 A6 Pro-Profile Georgia Storm
PPA GS 04B Elite - CL III Central
0Y280-10CB5U-0319   Mark Eddy
 A7 Pro-Profile Georgia Storm
PPA GS 04B Silver - CL III Central
0Y280-10CB5U-0293   Mark Eddy
 A8 Roswell Santos Soccer Club
Roswell Santos Red '04 - CL III Central
0Y210-01CB5U-1283   Dan Farnham
 A9 S S A
SSA Chelsea 04B Select Black 1 - CL III Central
0Y160-0CCB5U-0011   Hagan Robinson
 A10 TRAC Covered Bridge Soccer Club
TRAC Covered Bridge 2004 Classic - CL III Central
0Y253-02CB5U-0002   Jorge Aguirre
 A11 UFA Norcross
UFA Norcross 04B Red - CL III Central
0Y111-12CB5U-2176   Claudin Dalle Siakam