Shown below is the list of accepted teams for the Fall 2018 Athena/Classic/Rias tournament for the age group.
16U Classic III West 7 - Accepted Teams
Group Club/Team Name Team ID  Head Coach
 T1 AFC Lightning
AFC Lightning '03 Black- CL III West
0Y163-02CB6U-1604   Brian Keese
 T2 CFC Red Star
CFC Red Star - B16U-Premier- CL III West
0Y154-02CB6U-0158   Brock Martin
 T3 Chiefs FC
Chiefs Blue 03- CL III West
0Y262-01CB6U-0018   Riley Sumpter
 T4 Decatur-DeKalb YMCA Soccer Club
DDYSC 03 Wolves Premier- CL III West
0Y159-01CB6U-0643   Monish Lahiry
 T5 Georgia Rush Select
Georgia Rush B2003 Azul- CL III West
0Y218-01CB6U-0107   Ionel Teodor
 T6 NASA TopHat
NTH NASA 03 Royal- CL III West
0Y198-05CB6U-9872   Deyvis Ferreira
 T7 S S A
SSA Chelsea 03B Select White 1- CL III West
0Y160-0CCB6U-0014   Cristian Loris