Shown below is the list of accepted teams for the Fall 2018 Athena/Classic/Rias tournament for the age group.
17U Classic III East 11 - Accepted Teams
Group Club/Team Name City Team ID  Head Coach
 A1 ATHENS UNITED 02 BOYS GREEN- CL III East Athens 0Y106-01CB7U-0014   Andrew Vietmeier
 A2 ATHENS UNITED 02 BOYS BLACK- CL III East Bogart 0Y106-01CB7U-0016   Jon Cook
 A3 RYSA Revolution '02 Blue- CL III East Covington 0Y208-03CB7U-0020   Ivey Suber
 A4 Wade Walker YMCA JUBBA- CL III East Stone Mountain 0Y152-55CB7U-4612   Sheikh Farah
 A5 Putnam Impact - B17U- CL III East n/a 0Y280-88CB7U-0013   Nicklaus Moody
 A6 GSA South 02B Red- CL III East Winder 0Y174-08CB7U-0008   Andrew Royes
 A7 UFA Lawrenceville 02B Premier- CL III East Lawrenceville 0Y111-16CB7U-0007   Francisco Ugarte
 A8 UFA Lawrenceville 02B Red- CL III East Duluth 0Y111-16CB7U-0006   Francisco Ugarte
 A9 Nexus FC 02-03- CL III East Stone Mountain 0Y310-01CB7U-0002   Duane Samuels
 A10 Excel 2002 Navy- CL III East Peachtree City 0Y173-01CB7U-0010   Ray Muller
 A11 IAFC 02 Boys Premier II- CL III East Decatur 0Y113-02CB7U-1321   Lesly Jean Baptiste