Shown below is the list of accepted teams for the Fall 2018 Athena/Classic/Rias tournament for the age group.
14U Athena C Central 12 - Accepted Teams
Group Club/Team Name Team ID  Head Coach
 C1 Concorde Fire U14 Central White - ATH C Central 0Y109-014G4U-7892   Ehiosasele Aburime
 C2 BFC - '05G Black - ATH C Central 0Y302-03TG4U-0061   Micah Akin
 C3 Roswell Santos Soccer Club
Roswell Santos Red '05 - ATH C Central
0Y210-01TG4U-1291   George Stokes
 C4 NASA TopHat
NTH TH 05 Navy Milton - ATH C Central
0Y198-05TG4U-9855   Darnell Robinson
 C5 SSA Northside
SSA Chelsea 05G Select Yellow 2 - ATH C Central
0Y160-0ETG4U-0010   Carlos Carrillo
 C6 Rush Union Select
Georgia Rush G2005 Rush - ATH C Central
0Y218-01TG4U-5695   Mitch Garcia
 C7 MAYS NW Cobb
MAYS Striker 05G White - ATH C Central
0Y152-01TG4U-4638   Scott Schadl
 C8 S S A
SSA Chelsea 05G Select Blue - ATH C Central
0Y160-0CTG4U-0026   Julia Binnicker
 C9 DO NOT USE - PPA-Georgia Storm
PPA GS 05G Silver - ATH C Central
0Y280-10TG4U-0308   Tim Cochran
 C10 AFC Lightning
AFC Lightning '05 Red - ATH C Central
0Y204-05TG4U-2402   Luis Forero
 C11 Concorde Fire South
CFC Red Star - G14U-Premier - ATH C Central
0Y154-02TG4U-0154   Chad Spencer
 C12 Concorde Fire U14 West Black - ATH C Central 0Y109-015G4U-7893   Dave Knier